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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started and

what will this look like?

Call or email today to schedule your first appointment. This step will be very similar to making a doctor's appointment. Once you've booked that appointment, take a deep breath. You've already accomplished a major part of this journey. During your first appointment, I'll go over some initial paperwork with you and ask you to share about your reasons for seeking counseling and your hopes for treatment. From there, we will begin to meet regularly. During each confidential session, I'll guide our discussion using my experience, education and training in counseling and I'll invite you to share openly, as you feel comfortable.  

How long are sessions and how often will we meet?

Each confidential session lasts around one hour. I highly recommend coming about 15 minutes prior to your session in order to pause and collect your thoughts. I recommend that, at the beginning of our counseling relationship, we meet on a weekly basis. After some initial time together, it is common for my clients to begin meeting bi-weekly or monthly,

How long does counseling usually last?

I work with most of my clients for around six to nine months. Sometimes people choose to continue once a month for ongoing accountability and healing. Many of my clients return years after working together to begin again when new issues arise.

What is the cost of a session? Do you bill insurance?

A one hour individual counseling session is $100. A one hour marriage and family session is $125. I do not bill insurance. Sometimes clients choose to use their Flex Spending Accounts or Health Savings Accounts to help cover the financial cost of counseling.

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